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 Horse Camp - A Christian girls camp and boys camp held at the all inclusive, 158 acre, Texas Christian Horse Camp 15 miles from Montgomery, Texas & 30 miles from College Station, Texas.  The horse camp is located just outside the beautiful 163,000 acre Sam Houston National Forest. 


At horse camp students will learn horseback riding styles and techniques in a Christian environment from skilled trainers, in top quality facilities, on top quality quarter horses.


From beginner to advanced competitor, there is a place for all students at horse camp.  With three Christian camps to choose from, separate boys camps and girls camps, you are sure to find the right horse camp to suit your needs and abilities.

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Skilled Instructors

Horse Camp offers only the best quality instruction, which is often lacking at other horse riding camps.  You won't find teenagers teaching teenagers, but skilled riders teaching correct horse riding and reining techniques.  All teachers, teach with patience and understanding, and spend time with each student individually.  At horse camp your children are safe.  We keep safety a priority, our supervision ratio is 3 students to one instructor, and all our workers are screened for security and safety.

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Top Quality Facilities

All riders enjoy the top quality facilities at Texas Christian Horse Camp.  From the covered arena, brand new cabins, multiple round pens and training devices, to the miles of trail riding, horse riding is our priority.  Campers will also enjoy our salt water pool, campfires, volleyball, games, and crafts at horse camp.

What Makes Us Different  

Campers at horse camp quickly find that the experience offered at TCHC feels much less like a camp and much more like a resort.  We focus on quality over quantity.  From home cooked meals, to compassionate caring staff, to comfortable sleeping arrangements, campers leave feeling like part of the family.

Performance Quarter Horses

So many camps and stables train riders on hard mouthed, 20 year old, bad tempered horses that are hard headed and hard to control.  We have learned that the best method for teaching is not on dead horses that will not do anything, but on quality horses that have been well broke and trained.  All of our horses have been professionally trained and ridden. 

Christian Environment

The best feature of horse camp is that it is Christian led and organized.  Each day includes an inspirational message and each student leaves not just better with horses, but better with God. 

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Texas Christian Horse Camp is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization;  We survive on the generous donations from people like you!